Do you live on base in the Coast Guard?

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Unlike other military services that operate large government housing estates on military bases, most Coast Guard officers live in the community.

How long are you stationed in the Coast Guard?

How long do I have to serve? The enlistment contract is 8 years. The most common contract consists of four years active duty and four years inactive reserve. In some cases, 3-, 4-, or 6-year active duty contracts may be offered.

Do Coast Guard bases have barracks?

Barracks: Barracks rooms may be available for NCOs arriving without a spouse and/or family. If you wish to stay on base, please call your sponsor or the MAA office (843-720-7745) in advance to arrange housing.

Where do coast guards live?

Coast Guard and DOD personnel occupy 161 government-owned housing units on Joint Base Cape Cod. The housing area consists of a single ranch, a single flat-top, and a complex of townhouse units with full basements and private yards in a wooded setting.

Does Coast Guard ever deploy?

Coast Guard members are deployed to multiple locations for varying periods of time. Many members deploy multiple times per year. 3. the Coast Guard was the first waterborne military force.

How often do coast guards come home?

In reality, Coast Guard duty is often away from home. CG members cannot go home every night. Depending on the unit, this can take anywhere from a few days to a year or more. 3-“At least I know my spouse is safe and not in danger.”

Is joining the Coast Guard a good idea?

Now, one of the biggest benefits you get is that you have a great opportunity to serve your country. You will save lives and protect the waterways and coastlines of the United States. You can learn new skills and train on the Coast Guard’s 20+ job listings.

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Can my girlfriend visit me on base?

The short answer is yes! Most people can visit a military base with no problem. However, it is not like visiting your grandmother where you can park your car and walk in. You must bring all the necessary documents and be willing to submit to a background check.

What does the Coast Guard do on a daily basis?

The Coast Guard is the oldest continuous maritime service in the country with responsibilities that include search and rescue (SAR), maritime law enforcement (MLE), aids to navigation (ATON), ice breaking, environmental protection, port security, and military readiness.

Is Coast Guard hard to get into?

The Coast Guard is one of the more difficult branches to join because it accepts far fewer new recruits than other branches of the military, and the eligibility requirements are stringent. You must undergo a credit check and pass a security clearance check.

Can you quit the Coast Guard?

In some cases, members can simply terminate their contracts and continue on their merry way. However, members often owe a service commitment to Guard or Reserve if they leave active duty early. This could be a Regular Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) commitment.

What military branch pays the most?

The maximum payout per branch is as follows

  • Army: $646.
  • Marine Corps: $750.
  • Navy: $750.
  • Air Force: $520.
  • Coast Guard: $805.

Is the Coast Guard the safest branch?

Today’s article provides this answer by examining “safety” in terms of man-to-man combat and machine-to-machine accidents. The Space Corps is the safest military branch.

How many hours do coast guards work?

The Coast Guard FWS program requires full-time civilian employees or military personnel to meet basic service requirements of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, excluding meal breaks.

Can you have tattoos in the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard tattoos may include hand tattoos, but must be limited to one ring tattoo per hand and this tattoo may not extend beyond the first knuckle of the finger. No other tattoos or brands below the wrist are allowed. The current Coast Guard Tattoo Policy for Officers allows sleeves to be worn.

How much do you have to weigh to join the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard Height and Weight Requirements

Height (inches) Minimum Screening Weight (lbs.) Maximum Screening Weight (lbs.)
64 110 160
65 114 165
66 117 170
67 121 175

Does the Coast Guard pay well?

U.S. Coast Guard Salary Range U.S. Coast Guard salaries range from $18,264 to $483,218, with an average salary of $87,569. The middle 57% of the U.S. Coast Guard makes between $87,570 and $219,121, and the top 86% make $483,218.

What are the benefits of being in the Coast Guard?

Advantages. Coast Guard members receive a comprehensive benefits package. In addition to salary, members receive free health, dental, and vision insurance. tuition assistance; housing and meals; 30 days paid vacation. And more.

How much is sea pay in the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard members of most maritime commands will receive a $55 per month career sea pay rate increase beginning October 1. The new rate for FY2021 will bring the maximum monthly maritime pay amount to $805.

Do male and female soldiers sleep in the same barracks?

During basic training, men and women live in separate compartments, called barracks, with shared sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities.

How long do military relationships last?

Most deployments last at least six months. Indeed, this is only six months. But consider what can happen during those six months. Opportunities for promotions and transfers.

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Do coast guards carry guns?

The U.S. Coast Guard uses cutters and small boats on the water and fixed and rotary wing (helicopter) aircraft in the air. The Coast Guard employs a variety of small arms, including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

Why is the Coast Guard not considered military?

Yes! The Coast Guard is not part of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), but the Coast Guard is part of the U.S. Armed Forces (also known as the military). Technically, the Coast Guard is a federal law enforcement agency and a military component within the Department of Homeland Security.

Does Coast Guard get signing bonus?

The Coast Guard offers a financial incentive bonus to those interested in becoming an Operational Specialist (OS). Currently, that bonus is over $20,000 for A-school and $50,000 for those who choose to re-enlist.

How much does an e7 make in the Coast Guard?

The Chief Petty Officer is the Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard at pay grade E-7 in the Department of Defense. Chief Petty Officers receive a monthly base salary starting at $3,294 per month and increasing to $5,921 per month after 26 years of service.

Does Coast Guard see combat?

The Coast Guard is the least likely to see combat because it is part of Homeland Security and plays a different role in protecting the United States. Every military branch has a different organizational structure. Within that structure, some units and troops focus on training for combat.

Can the military kick you out for having too much money?

There is no clause in the enlistment contract that says you must be discharged if you get a large sum of money, but there is a clause that allows military personnel to request discharge under “special circumstances.

Can you fail Coast Guard boot camp?

To graduate, you must pass both. Failure to pass either will result in one retest. If you fail the retest, expect to go back to your old company and try again later.

Who has the easiest boot camp?

The easiest military branch to get into the basic training phase.

  • The Navy has a boot camp, which lasts 8 weeks.
  • The Marine Corps has recruit training that lasts 12 weeks.
  • The Air Force has basic military training, which lasts 8.5 weeks.
  • The Coast Guard has recruit training that lasts 8.5 weeks.

How much do you get paid in basic training Coast Guard?

All Coast Guard recruits receive pay for basic Coast Guard training. Typically paid as an E-1, this amounts to about $1,785 per month (a little over $21,000 per year).

Which branch promotes the fastest?

Fastest Promotional Branches The U.S. Army is generally the fastest-promoting branch of the military. That said, your military job and the level of higher education you have will affect your ability to be promoted.

What military branch is best for family life?

The Air Force has a reputation for having the best living programs (dormitories, family housing, on-base shopping and services, and recreation) of all the service branches.

What disqualifies you from the Coast Guard?

As part of the recruitment process, applicants must pass the Armed Services Vocational Ability Battery (ASVAB) test and a military entrance assessment. You may also be subject to a police background check and other military services. A felony conviction will disqualify you from consideration.

What boot camp is the hardest?

Marine Corps Basic Training Widely considered the U.S. military’s most rigorous basic training program, Marine Corps Training is a 12-week physical, mental, and moral transformation. Special attention is given to close combat skills and proficient marksmanship training (after all, all Marines are riflemen).

How much vacation do you get in the Coast Guard?

You will receive 2.5 days paid leave per month, for a total of 30 days paid leave per year.

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Do you go home after Coast Guard boot camp?

After Boot Camp Immediately after graduation, you will leave Cape May and receive 5 days leave to spend with family and friends. You will then be recalled and directly assigned to your first duty station. Operational assignments take precedence over Coast Guard assignments.

How long is a Coast Guard shift?

8 to 10 hours per day.

What is being in the Coast Guard like?

Much of your training will take place in the classroom, where you will learn first aid, firefighting, weapons handling, practical navigation, and general Coast Guard knowledge. There are daily physical fitness and water survival classes. Students will also learn military training and U.S. Coast Guard “ropes.”

Do you have to cut your hair in the Coast Guard?

Hair may not exceed 4 inches in length, touch the ears or collar, extend below the eyebrows when headgear is removed, extend below the front edge of headgear, or interfere with properly worn military headgear or safety equipment.

How selective is the Coast Guard?

The acceptance rate at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy is 14.2%. For every 100 applicants, only 14 are admitted. This means the school is very selective. Meeting GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements is critical to passing the initial filter and proving academic readiness.

Is Coast Guard the hardest boot camp?

The Coast Guard may be considered the easiest military branch in terms of physical fitness, but it is much more difficult to join.

Is the Coast Guard in high demand?

-The Coast Guard continues to be in great demand at home and abroad as the service continues to modernize and develop its forces, the service’s chief of staff said in his annual address last week.

What is the Coast Guard tattoo policy?

One-inch tattoos on both hands (not to exceed the first knuckle closest to the wrist). One finger tattoo per hand within the length from the first finger joint to the second finger joint (in addition, one tattoo per hand in the form of a ring remains allowed on the wearer’s finger (not thumb)).

What military branch pays the most?

The maximum payout per branch is as follows

  • Army: $646.
  • Marine Corps: $750.
  • Navy: $750.
  • Air Force: $520.
  • Coast Guard: $805.

Can you quit the Coast Guard?

In some cases, members can simply terminate their contracts and continue on their merry way. However, members often owe a service commitment to Guard or Reserve if they leave active duty early. This could be a Regular Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) commitment.

How much is the Coast Guard housing allowance?

These amounts vary by grade and dependency status and range from $74 to $168 per month at 2022 rates. Even with this cost-sharing component, the overall military pay and benefits package remains competitive and healthy.

How many years does it take to retire from the Coast Guard?

Retirement Benefits The military is one of the few employers in the United States that offers a true pension. This means that if you retire after 20 years of service, you will receive a monthly pension (payment) for the remainder of your life.

How much do military wives get paid?

There is no military spouse stipend or scholarship, but the military does offer many benefits to support service members and their families. The first stop after the wedding is the nearest military ID card issuing facility where you register for DEERS, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System.

How do female soldiers deal with periods?

The base has a store that sells menstrual supplies. Many troops live on it, sometimes with their families! -thus there are restaurants, post offices, and stores known as “exchanges” that sell tampons, sanitary napkins, and other hygiene products.