What device can be used to protect a circuit?


What device is used to protect a circuit from damage?

Circuit Breaker: This is an automatically operating electrical switch that can protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excessive current that could cause an overload in the circuit.

What are the 3 types of protective devices?

Nature of Protective Device

  • Fuses.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • PolySwitch.
  • RCCB.
  • Metal oxide ballasts.
  • Inrush current limiter.
  • Gas discharge tubes.
  • Lighting lines.

What are two types of circuit protection devices?

There are two general categories of circuit protection: 1) Fuses 2) Electromechanical circuit breakers.

What is a short circuit protection devices?

Short Circuit Protection Devices Protects devices in electrical circuits to protect devices and people from the hazards of short circuits. These devices can detect a fault and trip the circuit just before the surge current reaches its maximum.

What is short circuit protective device?

Fuses are ideal for protection against short circuits. A short circuit will vaporize the fuse element and generate enough amperes to destroy the connection in one cycle of a 60-cycle system. Fuses are more commonly used in devices connected to a system than in the system’s circuitry.

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