What is Alexa Guard Plus?

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In addition to using Alexa Guard Plus to detect smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking sounds, the Echo device can detect activity sounds such as footsteps or doors by setting Guard to Away mode and sending smart alerts via notification . Play sirens on your mobile device or for your …

How much is Alexa Guard Plus?

Yes, you can use Alexa Guard to alert you of any activity. Alexa Guard is absolutely free to use. However, in the US, you can upgrade to Alexa Guard Plus Subscription Service for $4.99/month (or $49 for an annual subscription).

How do you use Alexa Guard Plus?

Once signed up, set up Guard Plus in the Alexa app.

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open Details and select Settings.
  3. Select Guard and follow the on-screen instructions to select the desired features.
  4. On the Guard Dashboard, select Completed Guard and Setup to activate your subscription by entering your emergency address.

How does Alexa guard Notify me?

Once you have set up Away Mode from Guard, Alexa can send a Smart Alert via notification to your phone if your Echo device detects a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or glass breaking sound.

Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?

Is there a monthly fee for Amazon Alexa? No, there is no monthly fee charged for Amazon Alexa. All you need is a stable WiFi connection to make Echo work. However, having an Amazon Prime account provides you with a variety of benefits of using Echo.

What happens if you say Alexa intruder alert?

None. At least, there is no built-in skill called “intruder alert” that Alexa recognizes right out of the box. Say that phrase to Alexa and the voice assistant won’t know what to do. If you actually think there is a burglary in your home, your time has come to call 911.

Can Alexa call police?

Unless your Echo Connect is connected to a landline, you cannot ask Alexa to dial 911 or other emergency services directly. You can, however, set up personal emergency contacts and turn on Alexa Guard for home security.

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Can anyone turn off Alexa guard?

To disable Alexa Guard, you simply say, “Alexa, I am home. It will change your Guard mode to Home. If you are not near an Alexa device and want to activate or deactivate Alexa Guard, you can use the Alexa app. Go to the Guard section of the app and select the mode you want.

Can I make Alexa bark like a guard dog?

To have a Guard Dog Guard, say “Alexa, tell Guard Dog to guard.” The guard dog will bar on demand for a short period of time, and can be reassuring by delivering a brief belligerent growl. Hearing strange noises or seeing someone outside can activate and scare the guard dog.

Can I use Alexa to listen remotely?

Yes, echo speakers provide a way to communicate remotely with other rooms. The only requirement is that there be an Echo speaker (or cell phone) nearby and another Echo speaker in the room you want to talk to. Alexa calls this intercom feature a drop-in.

Is Alexa safe to have in your home?

Do not place Alexa near windows. Keep Echo away from all windows in your home. This location may provide access to the Echo to anyone from the outside, which could allow access to other smart home devices.

What is the difference between Alexa and Echo?

Alexa is a virtual assistant and Echo is a smart speaker device.

What is the difference between Alexa and echo dot?

The Dot also weighs in at only 163 grams, while the Echo Dot weighs in at 1064 grams. Echo and Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Dot
This is a standalone smart device and a full-sized smart speaker with always-on Alexa. The Dot is just as smart as the original Echo, but works best with an external audio system attached.

What happens when you swear at Alexa?

If you try to get Alexa to say a swear word, you will see very mild words such as “you shouldn’t be rude” or “knickers”. If you try to play Simon Says or name a timer or routine that contains swear words in the phrase, Alexa will beep the swear words you try to get it to say.

What happens if I ask Alexa to call 911?

So can I use Alexa to make a 119 call? – Alexa devices can call 911 via the paid version of the Ask My Buddy skill. You can also use the Amazon Echo Connect device, no longer sold by Amazon, to call 911 using a landline or VoIP service. You can find used

Can Alexa call an ambulance?

Amazon’s Echo series of smart speakers allows you to call friends and family without having to physically dial the number from your phone. This feature has now been extended to include calling emergency contacts. family members, simply by saying, “Alexa, call for help.”

Does Alexa report to the government?

In response to this issue, an Amazon spokesperson stated

What does Amazon guard do?

Guard allows Alexa to keep your home safe. With Guard set to Stay-At-Home mode, Alexa can send Smart Alerts to your smartphone via notifications if your Echo device detects a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or the sound of breaking glass.

Why is my Alexa showing a white ring?

Guard mode is enabled and Alexa will hear the alarm or glass breaking sound and notify you. When Guard mode is enabled, Alexa will display a rotating white light.

How do I test my Alexa Guard Plus?

Alexa Guard may not detect all smoke and carbon monoxide detector sounds. Test if Alexa Guard can detect smoke or carbon monoxide detector sounds by pressing the “Test” button on the smoke or carbon monoxide detector for at least 10 seconds until an audible tone sounds.

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Is Alexa Guard Dog free?

With subscription-based Guard Plus, you get access to an emergency helpline, the ability to listen for human activity in your home, sound a siren, or bark like a dog in the right situation, and much more. Guard Plus comes with a free trial, after which it costs $4.99 per month.

Can Alexa do dog whistles?

Amazon.com: dog whistle: Alexa Skill. Once activated, this skill can be accessed on all available Alexa devices. The whistle will sound the start and end to signal the beginning. By default it lasts for 4 minutes.

How do I stop Alexa from listening?

Use the Mute button to disable the microphone To mute the Echo device, press the button indicated by the circle and line. The button turns red when muted. Saying “Alexa” will not unmute the device. You must press it again to unmute and use Alexa normally.

Does Alexa have a camera?

Echo devices make life easier by helping you stay connected, informed, and entertained. The built-in camera and screen on Echo Show and Echo Spot devices allow you to make video calls and take photos and videos while maintaining your privacy.

What color does Alexa turn when someone is listening?

When Echo is lit blue and light blue, it means Alexa is listening. When you speak to Alexa, the device’s lights turn blue and spin around while Alexa processes your voice commands.

Is music free on Alexa?

Although not particularly widely known, Amazon itself has a free, ad-supported subscription to its music service. You have access to roughly the same 2 million songs as an Amazon Prime subscriber, but like Spotify, you cannot ask Alexa to play a particular song. Instead, you can listen to playlists and stations.

What’s the best Amazon Alexa to buy?

Overall Best Amazon Echo Speaker The best Echo speaker choice is the Amazon Echo Studio. It is a high-end choice with high fidelity sound, including 3D audio and Dolby Atmos support in a five-speaker configuration. The Studio can also be paired with a second device to create a home theater-like surround sound setup.

Can I have 2 Alexas in my house?

You can even set up and manage multiple Amazon Echo devices in your home and play the same music on multiple Alexa devices simultaneously.

Who is better Alexa or Google?

In 2019, Google Assistant answered 92.9% of questions correctly, while Alexa answered only 79.8% correctly. The more you talk to your smart speaker, the more it learns your voice and can interpret your commands more easily.

Is Echo Dot just a speaker?

Can I use my Echo Dot as a speaker? Yes, the Echo Dot is a speaker that can play music, read audiobooks, and enjoy your favorite podcasts, in addition to a virtual assistant feature called Alexa.

Who does Alexa’s voice?

Nina Rolle is most likely behind Alexa. According to Wired, research for Stone’s book Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Innovation of a Global Empire pointed to Nina Rolle, a voice actress from Boulder, Colo.

How do you scare someone Alexa?

are best for young ears because they are pretty cheesy . If you want to hear something a little scarier, you can try the Scare Me skill. Say, “Alexa, tell me a scary story.” A short two-sentence scary story will be read out. Kids can use Scooby-Doo too!

What cool things can Alexa do?

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Alexa Could Do

  • Play albums, playlists, or songs by name. Say, “Alexa, play me some indie this holiday season on Amazon Music.”
  • Call someone. ‘Alexa, call your dad’s cell phone.’
  • Set a reminder.
  • Find a recipe.
  • Help you shop.
  • Play your entire home audio.
  • Create and manage lists.
  • Keep up with sports.

Why does Alexa turn blue for no reason?

This simply means that the smart speaker has heard your command and is now processing it. As soon as Alexa completes processing your request, the blue light will turn off. What is this? The light will turn off spontaneously, so you don’t need to do anything. No need to worry.

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Can you tell Alexa to call the police?

Unless your Echo Connect is connected to a landline, you cannot ask Alexa to dial 911 or other emergency services directly. You can, however, set up personal emergency contacts and turn on Alexa Guard for home security.

Is Alexa always listening?

The short answer is yes, Alexa is always listening to you. Rather, the microphone on your Alexa smart speaker is always active (at least by default) and constantly monitoring the voices in your home for wake words.

Does Alexa record everything you say?

You should know that Alexa is technically always listening, even if you do not explicitly trigger your Alexa device. Alexa does not actively record and store every conversation, but it is always listening for the wake word, “Alexa. When you say it, everything you say that follows is recorded and stored in the cloud.

What is whisper mode on Alexa?

(Pocket-lint) – Alexa now features Whisper Mode in the US and UK, which allows the voice assistant to hear whispered commands. It can also whisper back when responding.

Can Alexa control my TV?

Once your TV is connected to your Alexa device, you can use voice commands to turn the TV on and off, change the volume, play or pause a movie, and more. All you have to do is say “Alexa” then say the command and finally the name of the TV or service provider.

Is Alexa safe to have in your home?

Do not place Alexa near windows. Keep Echo away from all windows in your home. This location may provide access to the Echo to anyone from the outside, which could allow access to other smart home devices.

What happens when you ask Alexa to call 911?

Again, Alexa cannot call 911 or emergency services, but it can contact one of your contacts and connect with them via voice. If the Alexa app has access to your contacts, you can say something like “Alexa, call James. You can also ask Alexa to call a complete number, such as “Alexa, call 201-867-5309.”

How do I change my voice from Alexa to Yoda?

For the Alexa app for iOS or Android: Tap the device on which you want to change the Alexa voice. Tap the Settings gear button in the upper right corner. Scroll down to the Alexa voice option and tap it. Select either Original (female voice) or New (male voice).

Can I turn off my Alexa alarm remotely?

You can also cancel the alarm from the app. Yes, open the Alexa app on your phone and say “Alexa cancel all alarms”.

Can Alexa turn on lights when I’m not home?

If you are away from home overnight or for several days, Alexa can make it appear as if you are home. For example, you can set up lights in remote locations so that Alexa turns lights on and off at predetermined times. For this to work, you need a compatible smart bulb, smart plug, or smart switch.

Will Alexa still work in 2022?

After 20 years of helping digital audiences find, reach, and convert, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Alexa.com on May 1, 2022.

What does purple ring on Alexa mean?

The purple ring on the Amazon Echo is only visible when the sleep mode is turned on. I like the goodnight mode because it snoozes all notifications, including messages and calls, for a specified period of time. This is very useful when you do not want to lose focus, such as during an important meeting.