Why should we protect our environment essay?

Pollution and deforestation have damaged the health of many people. Preserving the environment will certainly improve people’s health. Most notably, saving the environment will reduce many diseases. Saving the environment will certainly protect animals.

Why we should protect our environment?

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate our climate, recycle nutrients, and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. They are the foundation of all civilization and support our economy.

What should we do to protect our environment essay?

We stop littering and encourage others to stop doing the same. Use organic fertilizers, not chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Minimize the use of vehicles, as exhaust fumes are the biggest pollutant of the air. Protect forests and plant trees. Forests are the lungs of the environment.

Why should we protect our environment 10 points?

The environment provides us with many natural resources such as water, minerals, and natural vegetation that help sustain human, plant, and animal life. We need to protect and preserve natural resources because they are essential to providing a greener, cleaner environment for living things.

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How can we save the environment essay by 100 words?

Environment means a healthy natural balance of air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources. The environment affects the existence and development of living things. Pollution is the process of polluting the environment by adding toxic substances to it.

How can we save the environment write 10 lines?


  1. Conserve water.
  2. Conserve electricity.
  3. Use reusable bags.
  4. Avoid bringing cars into the area as much as possible.
  5. Grow more trees and plants.
  6. Reduce pollution.
  7. Conserve natural resources.

How can we protect our environment in 200 words essay?

This requires controlling landslides, floods, and soil erosion. In addition, afforestation and tree planting are needed to conserve soil. Terraced agriculture and the use of natural fertilizers are also some ways. Waste management is a powerful way to protect the environment.

What is saving the environment?

Environmental protection is the practice of conservation of the natural environment by individuals, organizations, and governments. Its purpose is to protect natural resources and the existing natural environment and, where possible, to repair damage and reverse trends.

What does environment in 200 words mean?

Environment means all natural surroundings, including land, air, water, plants, animals, solids, waste, sunlight, and forests. A healthy environment not only maintains the balance of nature, but also aids in the growth, nutrition, and development of all life on earth.

WHAT IS environment in your own words?

Environment means everything that surrounds us. It can be living (biological) or non-living (non-biological). It includes physical, chemical, and other natural forces. Living things live in their environment.

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What is environmental health care?

Environmental health is an important part of any comprehensive public health system. The field works to promote policies and programs to reduce exposure to chemicals and other environmental exposures in air, water, soil, and food in order to protect people and provide communities with a healthier environment.